We run a well-established, expanding and successful outsourcing business specialising in the production of bespoke, camera-ready TV and radio programme pages for newspapers and magazines across Europe.

Integrated data

Our editorial service incorporates TV tips columns, programme highlights, splash pages and listings that make full use of our extensive and integrated database of shows, series, cast and crew biographical descriptions, transmission history and reviews.

Modern formats

Custom pages are generated by our specialist teams of editors and data inputters in a variety of modern formats, best suited to clients’ print production needs.

Accurate and reliable

We take the hassle out of collating, processing, checking and designing TV and radio schedules and release newspaper and magazine editorial staff from the onerous chore of ensuring that content is accurate and reliable. We can provide daily, weekly, fortnightly (two-week) and monthly coverage of transmissions in a variety of major European languages.


Today, the majority of German-language TV magazines are published using PPS data as well as software editorial systems and solutions that have been devised by the company. We also provide listings and page production services in Dutch, English, Polish, Czech, Slovak, French and many other European languages.

Satisfied clients

We are proud of our association with some of Europe’s leading publishers, and value their investment in our expanding business operations. Our satisfied clients include the Bauer Media Group, Bindinc, Funke Medien Gruppe, TV Spielfilm, RTV and Axel Springer.


Our client publishers receive TV schedule data, pictures, videos and trailers on demand, fully-referenced and cross-matched programme stills, entertaining viewing highlights of the day/week, late changes alerts and transmission updates, reliable editing and programme listings translations and customised channel coverage.

Production-ready artwork is generated and delivered in industry-standard formats, including PDF, to ensure compatibility with clients’ own publishing systems.

We also support newspaper and magazine publishers with their web-based TV and radio listings services, ensuring that readers receive the service that they expect and demand from today’s highly-competitive print and online marketplace.


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