We are delighted to announce that Konstantin Stanchev has been appointed as CEO of the Media Press Sofia operation.

Konstantin has been working for Media Press since early 2013, when he was entrusted with the key task of enhancing the Bulgarian database and establishing an editorial team focussed on local and national output.

In his new, well-deserved managerial role, he is now responsible for driving Media Press’s mission to be the leading provider of EPG metadata in Bulgaria and the Balkans, as well as to continue to develop and improve services to existing and future clients.

He said: “My goal is to make Media Press Sofia an even stronger business prospect for regional and multinationals, both of which are looking for a metadata provider with a global outlook, but also has a track record of delivering content that is suited to specific, localized customer markets.”

It is the global-minded, localized-output mix that Media Press has pioneered over the last two decades that has propelled the group to prominence in the European metadata market for EPG services. Konstantin’s promotion to CEO in Sofia is evidence of a commitment to further expansion and innovation in a fast-changing digital sector.

Konstantin graduated the prestigious Sofia High School of Mathematics, and holds a Masters in Civil Engineering. He gained an international English Proficiency certificate from the First English Language School.