Media Press Group, #1 TV metadata provider in Europe, has announced that it launched special editorial coverage for following up program changes caused by Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Millions of TV households are following TV news about the news in Ukraine. Channels all over Europe are constantly changing their programs to keep customers updated about what is going on in the Ukraine war.

Media Press launched a special editorial coverage to update Ukraine related TV broadcasting 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Media Press teams are not only updating information received from the TV broadcasters. Because program changes are decided on the fly frequently, without traditional distribution of updates through well structured processes, Media Press´ editorial teams are also monitoring broadcaster´s websites and social media accounts.

Our goal is to make TV metadata as valuable as possible for TV operators, and for consumers respectively.” – said Magdalena Cechnicka, CEO Media Press Group. Adding: „In such a difficult, tragic situation, we also have an additional duty – to do everything possible to keep customers informed about what is happening. This is not only our professional attitude. This is also very emotional to all of our teams in 12 European countries (and in the US), processing data of more than 6.000 linear TV offerings from all over Europe. We feel that we are involved personally. And we want to share our involvement.

For more information please contact Mr. Christian Töpper +48 664 99 181