Our clients care about TV. More specifically, they care about offering their consumers choice and clarity within the incredibly rich and diverse world of linear and non-linear TV. And they are driven by a love of technology. So are we.

Our clients want their consumers to keep up to speed with what´s on TV, via:

Print-based TV magazines and newspapers, informing millions of people about relevant TV content on a daily or weekly basis.

TV distributors, offering unique entertainment and viewing experiences to millions of households.

Broadcasters, providing operators and publishers with up-to-the-minute information about their programme output.

Technology companies, supplying distributors and broadcasters with supplier-to-end user TV data solutions.

We understand and support our clients´ needs. And we know their processes and workflow patterns. We are experienced when it comes to integrating our TV and radio metadata services into clients’ infrastructure systems, however varied and complex. Our highly-trained and skilled staff work together with our clients’ IT and editorial teams  to ensure continuing innovation, seamless production, and the best advice to enable clients to make rapid decisions whenever the occasion demands.

Our clients operate in the most relevant consumer orientated TV industries

01 Print

  • TV magazines
  • Supplements
  • Newspapers

02 Network Operators

  • Telcos
  • Cable
  • Mobile
  • FTTx

03 Over the Top

  • Linear TV distributors
  • VoD providers
  • EPG websites
  • Mobile EPGs
  • Connected TV/Smart home

04 Content

  • Broadcasters
  • Pay TV platforms
  • Content rights owners

05 Technology

  • Middleware providers
  • End-to-end solution and service providers
  • Integrators

For Print: TV magazines, Supplements and Newspapers

We operate a growing and diverse business, catering to publishers of print-based TV magazines across Europe. Nearly 60 million copies of publications that we support are distributed every week throughout the continent, replete with TV listings, recommendations, critics’ tips, hundreds of images, and acres of text in every edition.

To keep their businesses profitable, publishers demand and expect the highest standards of editorial quality. In this “pay content” industry, readers make their purchase choices based on the reliability of content. At the same time, publishers seek ever smarter and more efficient ways to keep costs down, down, and down.

Our tech and editorial staff support more than 90% of TV-related publications in the GSA (Germany, Switzerland Austria) magazine market, and – together with our industry partners – handle listings and associated content for more than 60% of the European TV magazine sector. “Hubert”, our cutting edge print production system, leads the way. Skilled editors and production teams in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, the Baltics, Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia are hard at work providing high quality metadata and pre-publication services to many of Europe´s leading TV magazine publishers. As part of our cost-effective package, it goes without saying that we offer specific process and support solutions: image handling, multimedia distribution, and archiving – to mention a few.

Customised, bespoke, ready-to-print TV and editorial pages are also available for supplements and newspaper publishers.

For Network Operators: Telcos, Cable, Mobile, FTTx

Our network operator clients offer a unique TV user experience to their requisite subscribers. Telcos, cable, mobile platform businesses and FTT providers are under constant pressure to supply detailed and reliable electronic programme guides (EPGs) to customers within a complex IT environment. Specifically, major operators must adhere to strict corporate rules and processes, while adapting and responding to a continuously changing consumer environment.

Many network operators are expected to provide multilingual channel data, to the highest possible content standard, complete with an inexhaustible archive of images and other visuals, updated in near real time, support the provision of catchup TV services, and link output to VoD catalogues. All of this takes place in an increasingly competitive environment which is subject to complex copyright and IP restrictions.

Our tech teams provide User Experience (UX) scenarios with a focus on films, serials, sports, kids, and other target group related scenarios. We support multiple ID standards (client IDs, broadcaster IDs, DVB-SI, EIDR, Imdb, …) and integrate results with various middleware solutions. And we maintain customised data delivery schemes as well, using ftp, API, Azure and AWS cloud services.

For Over the Top: linear TV, VoD, Web and Mobile EPGs, Connected TV

Over the Top services are growing apace. Our clients operate high volume EPG websites, advanced linear and non-linear TV distribution platforms. Internet users accessing non-subscription pages want free content to be easy to read, up-to-date and in real time, and customised to reflect their viewing interests. Operators envisage ways of generating income through targeted and advanced advertisement insertion mechanisms. What all of this means is that the provision of metadata for OTT interface users needs to link content on even more complex levels.

Our content teams are skilled and experienced in the all-important task of aggregating, enhancing, and standardising VoD catalogues as well as linear TV programme guides. We supply metadata which is ready to be placed on social media websites and other related online content and services.

In this hi-tech, end customer-savvy business, keeping track of IP content rights is paramount in terms of ensuring that content owners and operators have peace of mind where copyright is concerned. Our advanced TV metadata content management platform is a one-stop-shop solution for OTT operators.

For Content Services: Broadcasters, Pay TV platforms, and Content rights owners

Broadcasters and Pay TV platforms need to be ahead of the game when it comes to attracting wider audiences. Our broadcasting clients rely on B2B metadata services to ensure that their content achieves maximum EPG visibility.

When it comes to the production of customised text output or complex image handling processes, our solutions for broadcasters help them to achieve their business goals. And with our industry-leading “Press Lounge” IT service, we provide a tailored, bespoke white label solution enabling clients to manage B2B distribution of TV information direct to journalists and media professionals.

For Technology Providers: TV Middleware, TV end-to-end solutions, providers of integrated services

Certain specialised operators require a “one-stop-shop” when it comes to TV solutions.

Clients engaged in complex bidding processes and intensive operations need professional and flexible support with TV metadata.

We support middleware suppliers and solution providers with content, IT services, and business models that are tailored to their particular needs.

Our clients