Work from anywhere

The Hubert ™ system, based in the cloud, provides comprehensive development of print magazines from anywhere in the world. Content preparation is securely stored in one of our data centers, and customers free themselves from the need to invest in expensive servers or employing administrators. They do not need to maintain their own company firewall or configure VPN networks.

Add your content

The Hubert System ™ is a highly integrated content management and publishing system. This integrated approach allows you to add your own assets (databases, texts, photos and videos), connect and use them to produce your publication. It also allows you to prepare your content for online and print publication simultaneously and to keep all the elements synchronised.

InDesign integration

Organising your workflow efficiently within the InDesign platform can sometimes be a challenge. The Hubert System ™ launches out of the box, enabling you to open new issues automatically, each based on your master template pages, format your

data ready for InDesign use with our powerful and automated formatting tool, edit the pages concurrently, produce publication-ready files, check them and send them to the printshop in the desired format.

Many versions of InDesign and InCopy are supported, from CS4 up to CC.

Production management

The Hubert System ™ provides you with complete control over the whole publication process, starting with data processing and selection, through photo and page editing, right up to file production. Each stage of the editing process can be overseen and directed with use of custom-defined workflow status commands and a live reporting system that allows you to interact with your colleagues in the office or at remote locations.

Ready to go global

Our content management and production systems are geared up for use with content in multiple languages. And the product definitions are also capable of including the appropriate time-zone of the target publication. This, plus the fact that you can easily access the system from any workplace location, allows you to use Hubert as a production and data asset tool in multiple offices around the globe.


In short, using the Hubert System™ allows you to:

Add your own content and integrate the data with ease

Control the entire workflow process from data entry to print ready production

Manage the production of entire magazine editions

Automate the process of creating pages

Incorporate and manage changes to externally-sourced data and keep pages up to date

Archive your work and reuse it

Work in a secure, cloud-based environment

Work seamlessly with outsourcing companies and/or freelancers

Continue using InDesign or InCopy. We support the CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC versions


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