Store, describe and search

Phoboss is a powerful digital asset management system, integrated with Hubert, that allows you to store your photos and movies, add descriptions automatically or semi-automatically using a flexible keyword system and then apply them within the production process. Given that Phoboss and Hubert are integrated, it is an easy and efficient way to search for and link images to Hubert-generated content.

Work from anywhere

Phoboss ™ is our next system based on a secure cloud data environment. It enables sending multimedia content, enriching it with needed metadata, and then using it for publication from any location. It also frees our clients from having to invest in expensive servers, employing database administrators or complex VPN configuration.

Rights management

The Phoboss System comes complete with a powerful multimedia IP rights management tool allowing you to check how a protected asset may be used in line with the IP owner’s rights. Phoboss and Hubert are integrated, so alerts will inform you about permitted or restricted conditions of use. And it works equally effectively even if you acquire the same IP asset from multiple sources.

No duplicates

As your company expands, so too do the number of IP assets and the problems posed by content duplication becomes more significant. The Phoboss System automatically detects similar images and groups them together to ensure that they share the same set of metadata. That is why, instead of being presented with a series of duplicates following a search, you will be presented with one set of unique images. And given that Phoboss is serious about copyright, all of your rights remain protected in terms of how, where and when these grouped images may be used.

Visual metadata

One of the many special features of Phoboss is the option of being able to enrich the metadata associated with a given image using some clever visual-recognition technology. Thanks to our AI-based algorithms, the system can detect faces and other photographic features automatically. Phoboss enables you to store your preferred, predefined crops of selected images for use in your electronic or print publication. This additional metadata will allow you not only to retrieve the image whenever you wish, but to get the photo cropped and re-sized as required.


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