Offering program information and services for:

TV and radio program information data

Quality listings data

Our core business is the centralized aggregation, structuring and preparation of program listing information for print publications and electronic media. Every day, processes and refines text and image information from more than 660 national and international television channels and 150 radio stations. Upon request, program data for additional channels not on our regular lists may be obtained as well.

In addition to the extensive text and image data, numerous special interest selections and approx. 50 database entry fields per given program event are provided, enabling a tailored fit to your editorial needs. This data is offered in two levels or grades:

Classic Data
Selectable choice from all TV broadcasters available, with extensive additional information

Data Plus
Customizable output formats together with the greatest level of detailed data, including production-run IDs, Catch Up TV as well as SI-Data of currently 130 TV channels.