VIP services

We are ahead of the game in supplying TV and radio programme information to media companies, precisely because we specialise in providing customised and extended services to all our VIP subscriber clients.


Our expert teams of editors generate EPG metadata in a variety of exchange formats, across a range of European languages and for a wide range of business operators, on an hour-by-hour basis and in real-time for selected subscribers.

Viewing public

What this means for the client and the all-important end-user (the public at large) is that EPG content is presented to the viewer in a uniform but distinctive format and structure, ironing out any and all disparities in raw programme information sourced from individual production units, channels or stations.

Data enrichment

Not only are we able to tailor content to match our clients’ in-house styles and preferences, but we are also leading the field in furnishing publishers with enriched programme metadata.

Key updates

We offer enhanced coverage of shows and series, integrated with cast and crew descriptions, biographical and production details, sourced from our extensive archived data library and replete with key updates from the entertainment world. In short, we are in the business of keeping viewers and listeners up to speed with the information that they expect and demand from today’s broadcasters and publishers.


We distribute television and radio metadata. We deliver them to internet platforms, mobile applications, companies that transmit EPG data to terrestrial, digital and satellite set-top boxes, network service providers and support services, as well as editorial offices in publishing houses.

We provide TV and radio metadata in exchange formats ranging from standard XML (eg. StruPPi, TVAnytime) to custom formats best tailored to meet individual clients’ requirements.

Upon request, we provide metadata enriched with photo descriptions, movie trailers and additional editorial works (including, among others, SI data, reference numbers for content identification systems, information about blackout policy and tagging). We also offer an interactive recommendation system based on comparing data (C2C – content to content). We care about compatibility with the client’s own content.

We offer metadata for CatchUp TV and VOD services as well as EPG data ready to be shared under the partner’s own brand.

In the premium tariff, we provide information tailored to the time and region of the issue. We also offer access to our content identification system and to ratings and tagging. In many languages, we provide information on tv series being broadcasted in various countries (we provide correct numbering and descriptions adequate to particular episodes). We also regularly support sudden changes in frameworks and non-standard program updates.


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