Press Lounge

Our dedicated Press Lounge service is the perfect tool for keeping busy journalists up-to-speed with detailed and accurate programme metadata – and it is at our clients’ disposal.


Press Lounge is our highly-successful media-2-media facility that aims to meet the diverse publicity and metadata distribution needs of Europe’s leading broadcasters. It is already proving successful, with Turner, National Geographic Channel and the Disney Channel already signed up as participating clients.

Smart tech

Press Lounge is also available to multiplatform operators engaged in new and emergent technology platforms, from web-based businesses to TV services offered via smartphones, home entertainment units, interactive set-top boxes and handy devices.

Efficient and effective

Participating broadcasters and operators simply send us the raw schedule information, and we look after the editorial side. Our specialist teams of editors interrogate our vast TV and radio library resources to expand the content.


Programme metadata is enriched with all of the additional details, links, references, thematic and ratings tags, plus information about cast and crew that newspapers, magazines and online TV and radio guides expect and demand.


For broadcasters and operators, it is an end-customer orientated solution, as well as a highly efficient and effective way of saving time and releasing staff for other important tasks.


Once the job of refining and enriching the programme metadata is complete, the content is uploaded to Press Lounge – in a secure partition that has been exclusively assigned to the client broadcaster/multiplatform operator.


It is from here that accredited journalists are able to sign in and retrieve the schedule metadata, but participating clients stay in control of the release of programme information to the media.


Our clients retain the right to approve, review or amend the metadata before it is made available to accredited journalists. Our clients stay in charge of the media accreditation process.


We take the hassle out of processing, enriching and structuring the metadata, and we provide the secure and trustworthy platform for publicising and promoting clients’ services to the public.


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