Netflix with the weakest subscription increase in 4 years, stays no.1 among the VOD apps

Netflix with the weakest subscription increase in 4 years, stays no.1 among the VOD apps

 Netflix has definitely noticed the loosening of the pandemic-related restrictions and the return of sports event broadcasts. Currently, the biggest streaming service has 195.2 million users, with an increase of only“ 2.2 million in the third quarter. On the other handiSeptember, Netflix was named the leader among the VOD applications. Netflix was the only one to exceed the million level with over 4 million users. 


Netflix’s reaction to the poor result

The global situation is not easy for anyone and it turns out that Netlflix has felt it too. With everyone being placed in lockdown, the service worked amazingly. But when users sampled the streaming services of other businesses, the good times soon faded. The reasons for the lower growth of subscriptions are mainly greater competition in the market, lighter pandemic restrictions and the return of sports television.  

According to Reed Hasting, the head of Netflix, the expected number of subscribers is 200 million by the end of 2020. In the first quarter of this year there were 15.8 million new users, and over 10 million in the second. He announced a release totalling 150 movies and series by the end of the year. 


Netflix app – the Polish VOD app leader

Despite the weak period, Netflix continues to perform excellently in the market. This is especially visible in the environment of mobile applications. In September, the Netflix app was visited by over 4.10 million Polish users, making it the only one to exceed the million level.  In comparison to last year, the increase of traffic from Polish users stands at 112.56%. Next VOD app were: Player – 941 000 (decrease of 6.03%), Ipla mobile – 537 000 (a decrease of 4.41%), HBO Go – 457 000 (a decrease of 31.01%), NC+ Go – 339 000 (an increase of 129.02%), TVP VOD – 246 000 (an increase of 9,91%), Horizon Go – 165 000 (an increase of 26.08%), Cyfrowy Polsat GO – 112 000 (an increase of 4.96%) and Amazon Prime Video – 73 000.