Customer focus

Continuous innovation and an end-user customer focus are the watchwords that guide the way that we do business with our clients across the broadcast, print publishing, online media and IT sectors.

Cutting edge tech

Our IT, editorial and business solutions are underpinned with cutting-edge technology, developed in-house, tried, tested and tailored to suit our clients’ software and editorial needs.


We are a ‘one stop shop’ offering ‘start-to-finish’ services to European media companies which need to keep customers (the general viewing public) up to speed with TV and radio entertainment output.

Editorial services

We have been in business for nearly 30 years, employ more than 400 staff with specialist skills, and serve more than 500 clients. In terms of our editorial services, the material we generate on behalf of clients reaches around 80 million households. To highlight just one example, more than 90 percent of TV and radio schedule information concerning programmes broadcast in Germany is generated directly by our editorial teams or sourced from our archives.

tv & Radio metadata

We produce more than 30.000 ready-to-publish TV and radio programme pages every month. We source, process and enrich data from more than 5.300 TV and radio stations, and provide publishers with information concerning more than 1 mln broadcast events each week. We issue about 1.800.000 alerts every week, concerning late changes or programme updates, in multiple languages.

entertainment database

We maintain a world-class database of information concerning TV and radio programmes, movies, series, episodes and documentaries. together with biographical details of celebrities, actors, presenters, production teams and crew, ratings information, genre and other descriptive tags, images and archived clips. We have access to more than 9,3 million images in our database, relating to nearly 1 million individuals.

multi-lingual IT support

We employ 70 IT team members in our Support & Network Administration department and also in our Software Development teams. We are a competent and trustworthy operation, as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in software development. We invest in know-how and knowledge. Our teams are multi-lingual, and have been trained to meet clients’ geographic and cultural requirements.


Our metadata archive holds more than 5 million entries relating to TV and radio programmes, of which 3.300.000 are structured in multiple languages (including English, German, French, Italian and Polish). Around 250.000 entries describe movies, while more than 1,7 million profile TV episodes and regular series.


We also offer Content Enrichment – text descriptions, pictures, clip tagging and trailers (for online use), together with Embedded Broadcast Metadata - a highly valued detail in which additional information linked to the content is presented in an attractive way for the end-customer.

tailored content

We have dedicated editorial teams assigned to oversee films, series and sports coverage. As well as regular programme schedule services, we also provide additional metadata correction services; notably customised film ratings, and textual descriptions tailored to clients’ particular needs.