“Home entertainment of the future? It’s an adventure of the imagination”

We engage in generating metadata for more than 5,000 television stations, but we know full well that there is much more to be done. Additionally, a richer offering of non-linear television is developing apace, such as IPTV, Netflix and Amazon, with an increasing number of rival operators, plus VOD etc.

In spite of this, one key thing has not changed. We still need a solid idea of what “television” will bring us in the years ahead. And Media Press is joining you on that adventure of the imagination, providing you with the highest standard of programme information.

We bring TV and radio metadata output of all of these European countries together. Our editorial teams are busy providing the package that consumers demand, and we have a competitive edge in a market that is rich, complicated and reliant on costly technology. At the same time, our service retains all-important regional colour and local knowledge.

Global thinking and local action are undoubtedly two of the key elements behind our continuing success. In practical terms, we owe much to our cutting edge and versatile TVManNext and Hubert™ editorial systems.

Each works in tandem with the other, across large-scale or disparately located editorial groups. Both systems offer professional digital platform solutions tailored to our business partners. Our extensive image database Phoboss, and Press Lounge are designed for use with T-Index; the only system in Europe that allows users to identify any and every show on the TV with confidence.

Throughout, we have proved to be innovative and technically strong. It was Media Press that launched the first electronic TV magazine TELEDisk in Switzerland and HÖRZUDisk in Germany. It required a great deal of cataloguing and indexing of information we have at our disposal. Hardly an irrelevant task. Without this groundwork in place, not even the best recommendation systems would stand a chance of meeting consumers’ expectations.

So that is our story. A combination of state-of-the-art technology, a very traditional respect for reliable editorial content, and a huge 30-year databank archive became the cornerstone of Media Press’ business philosophy. Our focus on quality has helped us to make our information service available to more than 80 million television viewers and nearly twice as many users of EPG services. The best and the biggest publishers, creators and distributors of television programmes trust us to deliver. But it is the millions of TV and radio guide readers who indirectly vouch for our work every day. Their satisfaction with the products they purchase is very important to us and we are pleased to assist you in meeting their ever-increasing demands.

Kris Cechnicki
Founder of media-press.tv