The right buttons

We all know that consumers respond positively and enthusiastically to mood music, and that they are prepared to spend their money on sounds, images and movies that press the right emotional buttons.

Comfort zone

And in ‘wiki’-style, we intend to empower viewers so that they have the opportunity to share and extend the database from the comfort of their TV sofa.

How does it work?

We are all familiar with movie tags, describing genre, style, historical references, content, age restrictions, themes, locations, casting and so on, which enable viewers to browse for related films. These could be by cast, theme, location and period.

Our innovative and interactive TV tagging service will complete the circle with the addition of ‘mood tags’, giving viewers the chance to link to a host of other films that would otherwise fall outside the usual range of related content. We believe that ‘mood tags’ will be an important feature for tomorrow’s viewers.


Our latest project takes the principle of tagging films and shows one stage further. We are hard at work constructing a movie database which will anticipate viewers’ sensory responses to the movies featured in TV guides.


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