About us

We combine the agility of a global startup with the expertize of a 30-year-old European company

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“Who knows how the future of entertainment will look - so let your imagination run wild.”
Kris Cechnicki
Founder of media-press.tv

What exactly do we do?

We source

specialized, multilingual TV and radio data, complete with tags, from over 6,000 broadcasters, studios, networks and content owners in Europe. Because of this wealth of data, we as a company are able to be your sole provider. You don’t have to waste time chasing pieces of information, working with various providers, consolidating different house-rules and merging files - we will do it for you.

We process

the aggregated data and label it in a unique way. This enables us to have full control over billons of records and thousands of schedules and programs across several time zones. Our strength lies in being able to handle sudden unexpected changes, and custom updates, to the schedule - we publish TV magazines ourselves, so we know there is no room for mistakes in this line of work.

We deliver

our clients with metadata that suits their individual requirements. Our international editorial team provides specialized data services. On top of that, we provide intelligent, cloud-based solutions for problems that arise when handling data, especially with the help of our Hubert system, which streamlines the process and cuts costs.

What do we provide to our customers?

We operate globally, but work closely with you

We have local offices and editorial teams who can provide editorial services as well as technical support in the local language. If you need data in other languages, we can provide them without the client having to get in contact with various editorial offices.

We have different offers according to the size of your business. You can use just one of our services, receive a personalized packet of products, or have us take care of the entire production process.

Working with us gives you access to one of the most comprehensive databases there is. You will also be able to take advantage of ultra-modern technical solutions which our team are constantly working on.