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Going back to our roots

Early Days

Media Press was established as an IT company in 1987, providing editorial systems for Swiss publishers. Two years later saw the launch of the first version of our ground-breaking TVMan editing platform, a technologically advanced flexible metadata management system providing real-time access for up-to-date media metadata.

Not just IT

It was in 1997 that we branched out into the editorial business and established our first team of editors. Our work expanded as we acquired more and more clients. We started providing Ringier with EPS (European Program Service) in 2001 and TPS (Tele Programm Service) in 2003, which were notable milestones for us.

Hubert is born

By 2008, the initial version of our Hubert System was born, producing its first print-ready pages for Springer Schweiz. Our client base grew as we refined our process of enriching TV and radio metadata and started providing editorial outsourcing services for clients, including commencing formal commercial cooperation with the major RTV media group Bertelsmann.

PPS acquisition

The acquisition of PPS (Presse Program Service) in 2011 was another major step in the company’s development. With it came a lot of valuable new expertise and it strengthened the position of Media Press in the German market.

European Partnership

Following this acquisition, Media Press entered into partnerships with the well-established Spanish provider Mediadata (2011) and the leading Dutch publishing house Bindinc (2012). We continue to do business with these valued and respected clients.

Bauer Media

Our presence in the German market was strengthened in 2013 when the leading publishing house Bauer became a client. To this day Bauer remains a highly-valued client.

Plurimedia and Funke

Two years later in 2015 we clinched an important partnership deal with Plurimedia in France and welcomed the Funke company to our growing list of clients.

TEMDG is established

Media Press took on a key role in the establishment of the European Metadata Group in 2016 as a founding partner in the venture.

New European markets

In 2017, Media Press expanded into the Central European market through the acquisition of Port Network (previously the No.1 metadata provider operating in the south-east region of the continent) and with investments in the Baltic market.

Plurimedia acquisition

Media Press acquired Plurimedia - a key player in the French TV metadata market - in 2019; a step which enabled Media Press to take on a leading role among providers in France and across Europe. The deal allowed us to expand and further develop our metadata resources and to increase our portfolio of services significantly, while guaranteeing access to an even wider audience.

Present day

This is our success story to date. It would not have been possible without the trust and support of our clients.