Privacy Policy (Cookies)

1. This Privacy Policy describes issues connected with using the website

2. The website uses cookies in order to, among others, adjust the website to users’ needs and for statistical purposes.

3. Cookies are small text files (txt.) which are sent by the server of the website and stored on the part of the user.

4. Parameters of cookies allow only the server that created them to read information contained in the files.

5. Cookies contain information about the user of website and the history of their connection with the website.

6. Thanks to cookies, the server of can check what browser the user uses and whether there has been information about errors while displaying the website.

7. The website uses performance cookies, i.e. cookies used for the collection of information about how the website is used, in order to improve its operation; as well as functional cookies, which help “remember” the user’s setting (e.g. language, font size).

8. The data collected through cookies is not associated with specific individuals browsing the website, but only with the computer connected to the Internet on which cookies have been saved.

9. The website uses following cookie categories:

  • _utma – a cookie file saved on the hard disk of the computer during the first visit; it contains a unique ID number;
  • _utmb – a cookie file used for storing information about a given visit;
  • _utmc – a cookie file which cooperates with _utmb; its function is to establish whether the tracking of a new visit needs to be started or whether collected data should be applied towards existing visits;
  • _utmt – a cookie file used for the processing of user requests and for generating statistics concerning the website traffic;
  • _utmz – a cookie file containing information about the source of a visit;
  • comment_author, comment_author_email oraz comment_author_url – cookie files saved when a comment is added on a blog;
  • viewed_cookie_policy – a file saved after the acceptance of the cookies policy.

10. The level of protection against cookies can be set in the web browser, up to complete blocking of cookies, which increases the level of security and data protection. For this purpose, browser settings need to be individually changed. In the case of the most popular browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari), on-line information about their configuration has been made available.

11. The limiting or blocking of cookies will not make it impossible to access the website; it can, however, disable some of its functions.