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Modern media is Media Press

We source, process and deliver metadata

If a TV remote could conjure up the European EPG data industry, we would be programmed as channel number 1. We’ve been working for the largest media entertainment companies for over 30 years, and have become leaders in the media industry.

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Metadata is our Theory of Everything


We collect data directly from radio and TV broadcasters, content owners, studios and networks from all over Europe.

Organizing and merging

We check the data, organize it, and combine it with the data in our global archive.


Our editors update and enrich the data, and localize data for new productions.


We integrate the data and make it available for our clients in bespoke formats.

Multichannel publishing system

Digital Asset Management

Hubert DAM (Phoboss) allows users to store photos and videos, to which descriptions can be automatically or semi-automatically added using a flexible keyword system. This means they can be easily and quickly accessed during the production process.

AI & Machine Learning Image Management

Hubert AI (YOLA) is a self-learning system that is used for intelligent recognition and automatic editing of images based on neural networks. In this way, it can detect important information directly from images – the more data it processes, the more it recognizes.

Content Management System

Hubert CMS provides an easy way to manage data content. Multiple users can access, edit and save articles, at the same time. This also goes for content in structured datasets, such as schedules for television, cinema and theatre, stock market data, and more.

Find quality among today’s excess of images

YOLA AI functions as

a standalone system for intelligent image analysis and editing, and managing your own digital assets.

a system that works seamlessly with our PHOBOSS photobase.

a cloud service that you can use whenever you need it.

Our support, diligence and accuracy will allow you to stand out from the competition

Everything in real-time

Specially tailored

Full coverage of every detail

Metadata enrichment

State-of-the-art, accurate and reliable

Free your editors from the tedious process of acquiring and editing data for schedules.

Enrich your magazines with accurate and reliable data available in multiple languages.

Create content that meets your specific needs - daily, weekly or monthly.

We operate globally,
but support locally

From acquiring accurate television schedule data and VoD metadata and editing them, through to their publication – we provide innovative production technologies to make this the smoothest process possible. Our systems guarantee real savings and give you full control over the automated creation of multimedia content.

Our values


We guarantee access to one of the largest databases, which gets constantly updated


We work with many partners, regardless of their size or reach


We are attentive to each and every one of our clients and provide services according to your needs


We work on a global scale, but we also work closely with clients and get to know your local circumstances


Always a step ahead of the competition, but never complacent


We use our basis of experience, but adapt as fast as the market develops


We constantly update our system and strive for the best in everything we do


We work for the biggest and most discerning customers so we make sure that our services are of the highest possible quality

What do others say about us?


Verena Paschen

The Hubert editorial system is of a very high technical standard that enables professional production . The customer-oriented, competent support is very quick to respond. The production runs smoothly and integrates well with our internal deadlines, and responds very flexibly to unexpected difficulties that arise from our end. During our many years working together, Media Press has proved itself to be a partner that has a wealth of experience in our industry, as well as being steadfastly reliable and dependable. Thanks to their innovative approach, Media Press has impressive technical potential at its fingertips.

Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz

Gion Stecher, editor-in-chief of Programm-Medien Ringier

Despite its technical sophistication, Hubert’s remarkably user-friendly interface makes it very straightforward to use. These features ensure that the user soon feels quite at home with the software. Hubert and his ‘companions’ seamlessly work together to aid the daily production process and creation of editorial content. The production system is so great for the user because it saves both time and effort, which you can then use for other purposes.


Ingmar Schmidt, Senior Product Manager TV & Entertainment

Media Press is our central solution partner for all questions concerning the creation of the best TV user experience: supply of EPG data, integration of TV metadata for traditional TV, Pay TV and streaming offers, recommendation solution, technical and editorial services. Through these services, Media Press enables us to create a cutting-edge TV experience in Switzerland. I would like to highlight Media Press’s development, operation and support of a uniform ID structure which is a prerequisite for the integration of all TV metadata used by Swisscom. Media Press has integrated for Swisscom one of the largest VOD catalogues in Europe.

VGN Medien Holding

Hadubrand Schreibershofen, Chief Editor TV,

Our cooperation with Media Press has been productive, professional, constructive and problem-free. It has made editorial work significantly easier. Media Press has proved itself to be a very loyal partner, to whom we wish much success.

Antenna Hungária

Gyöngyvér Papp-Gerlei, Director of Sales

Our company has been purchasing metadata from Media Press Hungary for more than a decade. Since then Antenna Hungária has reached new goals, aimed at new target groups, established new services, created new platforms , but what we haven’t changed is our metadata provider. Why is that? Because we both have been active on the Hungarian market for many years, we share common, traditional values with an innovative mindset and we are both passionate about what we do. We are satisfied with the data quality, the IT services, and last but not least, we appreciate being handled from the beginning as a top client. Well done, Media Press team!

Bauer Media France

Nicolas Sauzay C.E.O.

I am fully satisfied with the services provided by Plurimedia, with whom we have been working for 30 years. Operating in a particularly difficult industry landscape (the French press market), Plurimedia has been up to date, quick to react and able to support us in any given situation, which has made them a partner whom we regard with a great deal of respect and trust. in numbers


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