Editorial services

Our support, dilligence and accurancy will allow you to stand out from the competition

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What we do, we do well,

and the media giants know it.

We provide specialized editorial services for even the most discerning clients. We work with the largest media houses and publishers in Europe, preparing data to the level of quality that readers expect.

Many languages,
same quality.

We create content for readers in 32 languages. Regardless of whether you speak German, Dutch, French, Czech or Polish, we will create high-quality materials tailored to each local media market.

What services do we provide?

Data enrichment and content addition

Acquiring unique data directly from source

Original production descriptions

Data correction

Well-researched ratings

Record-keeping of all modifications

Numbering of series

Linking the data to related films, series and media creators

Embedded content - an attractive way of linking additional information

Data translation into any European language

Custom data export formats tailored to customer needs

Publishing actor profiles and similar content on social media, Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDb, etc.

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We work together with leading European publishers and value their investment in our development.

Customers satisfied with the services we provide include: