In the world, where modern TV operators offer over 500 live channels, VoD libraries and catch-up TV, the key challenge is to give the subscriber more user relevant content. We know how to attract the users by showing them the best and most relevant content.

So, let’s meet next week at ANGACOM in Cologne (June, 12-14) – our staff is ready to prove that media-press recommendation solution is a simple and highly effective tool. It covers LiveTV, Catchup, and VoD, enabling seamless recommendation for all types of content. And it works in any of our +15 languages, and for all of our +25 covered countries throughout Europe.

Being an expert

We are an expert in building content to content relations based on:

  • Distribution format (recommendation for linear and non-linear content) – linking linear schedules and VoD catalogues through recommendation brings more relevant content to your customers.
  • Genre similarity, based on a ultra-differentiated set of sub-genre associations, i.e. someone who loves adventure films might not only like other films of this genre, but action films as well.
  • Age verification.
  • Humans. Director, Actors, Cast, Awards… Stars are presented according to viewership preferences or in line with news, theatrical film launches.
  • Novelty. Production country, production year to match i.e. classical or latest movies and serials.
  • Relevant channels. Definition of channels/VoD catalogues adjusted to operator’s portfolio and viewership preferences
  • Time horizon. Definition of relevant broadcast date and time, according to viewership preferences.
  • Awards. Hosting relevant European and US awards can be used to identify specific formats, i.e. non-fictional or arthouse. In line with major industry references, like IMDb
  • Non fictional content. Through our deep dive genre classification plus relevant awards we can create valuable recommendations for non-fictional content.
  • Other metadata, and rules
  • Blazing-fast search platform based on Apache Solr collecting all metadata from schedules of +3.000 TV channels plus our archives reaching back up to the last 20 years


Going further

Right now, we are working on an implementation of tags. We´re pretty shure this will be an industry leading solution – but it needs time… If you’ve got any, let’s have a talk in Cologne!


Use our standard version. Or let us bring the best recommendations for you, fitting to your business requirements and to user preferences. In both situation, since the solution is integrated into our EPG data feeds, the recommendations go in line with schedule amendments, updates and changes of program or catalogues almost in real time. Technical setup and delivery is integrated in our standard processes. It will not produce extra production or delivery time.

Easy integration into your UX through reliable media press content ID support for every broadcast or VoD asset. No extra processing. No delays. Always and continuously updated. A
straight forward high level recommendation. Not a separate “recommendation engine”. It´s integrated into your EPG metadata workflows.